26 Jul 2007

Welcome to my blog!

As my family and I start our year in Europe, I thought this might be a better way to keep friends and family updated on our big adventure. This is my first ever blog, so please bear with me as I try to get the hang of it! My inspiration is my friend Karen, and her eloquent blog on life as she sees it.

I will try to put into words some of my observations about living in Norway and, eventually, in the UK. I cannot promise to be eloquent, but I hope you enjoy reading about our family's little ups and downs as we try to get in touch with my "Norwegian-ness"!

To give you a quick recap: Mike and I decided many years ago that we would spend his sabbatical year from the university in Norway. It would allow me to come "home" for a while, plus give our boys a chance to get closer to their Scandinavian family and to hopefully pick up the Norwegian language. Well, after many years of talking the talk, it is time to walk the walk. We arrived in Norway two days ago, after a fairly painless - albeit long - trip over the Atlantic. Joining us were 7 pieces of luggage, one of which is Mike's golf bag.

This was Benjamin as we pulled up to our house for the next 9 or 10 months. Not to worry, he has recovered since, and is now his usual happy-go-lucky self!

Now is the time to see how much Norway has changed after I left some 12 years ago. My memory may not serve me as well as I think it does - and I wonder how Norwegian I really am, after all those years abroad.


Melissa said...

Heidi, I really love this. I was just thinking about that......and that each of us would be sending you emails to ask how you're doing and if you've settled in....and that you would be getting some 15 -20 emails of that nature on a regular basis and having to respond. I was imagining you'd have to dedicate at least a couple hours each day just to handle your email communications! This blog is so neat...and the first such I've ever read! Love the pictures and I feel like I'm reading a profesional article with photos inset just-so and a wonderfully narrative and eloquent style! -- Well done!!!

Melissa said...

PS........I really didn't know that the B-Boy could be so flexible!

Conquering Norway said...

Melissa...you are dead right. I didn't want to copy and paste the same thing to everyone (didn't want to be accused of mass emails...!!), yet I wanted to tell everybody the same things. So this seemed like a good compromise. Glad you like it! Speak soon :) Heidi

Karen MEG said...

Heidi my friend, welcome to the blogosphere! And you're doing a dang fine job of it - love your blog! It's a perfect application for your stay in Europe! It will be amazing to follow your travels, read more about Norwegian customs, watch the boys as they experience life there and hear more about Mike's golfing :).
I'll be sure to check this out frequently!