2 Oct 2007

Hello From Cyprus!

Limestone creations rising up from the blue Mediterranean ocean
Smooth, white pebbles perfect for a stone skipping lesson
Sand castles struggling to withstand the gentle waves

Ancient amphitheatres with stories of Greek gods and goddesses
Cicadas in citrus trees happily singing songs of summer
Whitewashed buildings with dark wooden shutters reflecting the sunset

Creamy chocolate ice cream melting quickly in a child's hand
Fresh feta cheese and olives in luscious Greek salads
Red wine and tsatziki in a winning combination

Am I in Heaven?
I guess not; not here
Where there's no reliable Internet connection


hellomelissa said...

looks like heaven to me... i am with you in spirit!

who needs an internet connection when you are THERE?!

have a great time!

Family Adventure said...

Thanks, Melissa. Would agree with you except every night I had to wait hours to download work messages...messages that should have only taken minutes to come through. And then I'd try to respond...sometimes the message would go through, sometimes not. Argh!
But apart from that, it was wonderful. It was just one small hiccup in a scene of perfect tranquility. :)

Kat said...

Our castle is on 100%!! (well...naturally)

Harriet agrees that ours is far superior. Just put my pics on the comp so I'll post them off in the next couple of days.

Thanks for a great hol! I'm missing the sunhine and the pool already

Family Adventure said...

Hey Katherine! Thanks for checking in! I think Harriet needs to vote as well. Don't you?
Keep in touch, and let me know as soon as you hear!
Did you get any Keos into your bags?

Victoria said...

Ridiculously beautiful. I think my whole being relaxed just reading this post and seeing those pics. Thank you for sharing!!

Glad to hear all went well on the trip!

Welcome back,


ALM said...

Sooooo jealous!!

Kat said...

They didn't have any at the airport! I'll just have to settle for Corona untill the next Aphrodite trip hey!
I've put a vote in on Harriet's behalf but I'm a little concerned about this 25% that popped up for the opposition...

Family Adventure said...

Thanks, Victoria & Alm. It was a great trip, I have to say. And a nice break from the fall weather here in Norway.
Hey Kat, what's going on with that poll ?? I think the boys are mounting a counter-attack trying to get their sand castle to win. Let's mobilize the forces!
Keo obviously lost a huge opportunity to expand their market share in the UK. Shame on them :)

Kat said...

I know! I was more than prepared to spread the word and be their official UK spokewoman.
I'm getting worried about this castle situation too something fishy is going on!! I'll have to rally some people together for some "objective" votes.

Hae Yung said...

The villa looks beautiful. The beach, the sunset, the view, ...I want to go there. Is there a direct flight? I wish all these places are easier to get to. Especially with kids, how was Benjamin with the flights? Thanks, now I am desperate to go to Prague and Cyprus. Too many places I want to visit, Daniel has to work much harder.

Junebug said...

My daughter went to Croatia for five months two years ago as a nanny for some missionaries there. While she was there she visited Bosnia and Prague and Austria. You are so blessed.