7 Sep 2007

Boys' clothing

I'm the first to admit that I am not a great shopper. My ideal shopping experience is walking into a store and finding exactly what I am looking for "right there" in front of me, on that very first rack. Right size and everything. Then I like to carry it over to the cashier who is a) at her station and b) ready to serve me. I know, I am bad, bad, bad. Shopping can bring out the worst in me. Especially when I am shopping for boys' clothing in a girls' clothing world.

A few years ago I walked into a well-known children's clothing store one fall afternoon, looking for a snow suit for Christopher, then a toddler. I had been lured in by the snazzy looking outfits modelled in the front store window - fashionable little tots with the ultimate in cool winter gear. As I entered the store, I was instantly dismayed that all I could see was girly pink and frilly clothing. Not a good look on my little man.

I turned around to look for someone who could point me in the right direction and immediately saw a cute teenage girl with a big smile on her face, tiptoeing her way over to greet me. As I inquired into boys' winter wear, she happily danced over to show me a tiny section of boys clothes, albeit with some admittedly good-looking coats and jackets. When she realized I was browsing through the rack looking for two piece suits, she sang out "We're not carrying snow pants for boys this winter." Still with that big smile on her face. Riiiiight...no problem, I'll just tell my 3-year-old to avoid the snow, then, this year...?!

Nowadays, my biggest headache is Christopher's opinions about the clothes he wants to wear. Being "cool" has become much more important, and our definitions of "cool" rarely match. I'll bring something home that I am sure he'll love, and it'll be a dud for some obscure reason. He has developed a passion for two or three shirts, and unless I catch him, he'll wear them over and over and over again. Apparently there is no conflict between "cool" and "filthy".

He also has a very interesting way of getting dressed in the morning that is slowly driving me over the edge. He will get up in the morning and put on the clothes he wore the day before, which are in a pile on the floor next to his bed (can you sense my blood pressure rising...why are those clothes there in the first place? Should they not be in the hamper??). Only then will he go and have breakfast. After breakfast, he will go back to his room, take the dirty clothes off and dress himself again with new clean clothes, trying first to pass the old, filthy but "cool" shirt off as clean. After getting caught, he will also change his shirt. Now, bear in mind, this all gets done with the speed of a sloth....slooooowwwwlllyyyy, and only because I am prompting him every step of the way. I tell you, my patience gets a workout every morning.

I have suggested what I thought were rather obvious alternatives to the current situation - that he either a) has breakfast in his PJ's and then puts on clean clothes, or b) gets dressed right away in clean clothes. No change so far. Sometimes I just don't get it!

Benjamin, meanwhile, cares nothing about what he wears. A few months ago, he would have happily walked around in his PJ's or underwear all day. That's now past, and he likes to be dressed, but is fine with whatever is at the top of the pile. The thing about him, though, that never ceases to puzzle me is how he always manages to put his clothing on backwards. I mean, he clearly has a 50/50 shot at getting it right. With his bad luck, I just hope he never makes it to Vegas.


linda-sands.com said...

Boys are interesting with the clothing issue. My son was VERY particular as a toddler, lost it for a few years and now at 13 rivals GQ for style.. though he will shop Marshalls and Ross for his designer ware.
One solution for morning SLOTHNESS, is to set out clothes the night before, then the choice is made and they can feel ahead of the game.

Karen MEG said...

I hope the selection is a bit better over there in Europe! Liam has started getting a bit particular about what he's wearing but I'm afraid to say he's leaning towards the brand$. I've toned down the shopping somewhat, as it was getting ridiculous, especially with a toddler girl! I've given about 6 garbage bags FULL of baby clothes to my sister - and I haven't even gotten to my Size 12 month stash yet - yikes!

Cyn said...

What a wonderful adventure for your family! I linked over here from a comment on Mom2My6Pack's blog - she's hilarious. Anyway, your blog caught my eye and it sounds like you all have a great year ahead of you. We were in Europe for two weeks over the summer and when we came back, I thought about how BIG everything seems in the U.S. - your Supersize entry was a great assessment.

morag said...

I'm glad some things haven't changed since you left. I'd start to worry if Christopher didn't give you a hard time about dirty cool clothes and if B-boys were backwards. Some things don't get lost in translation.

Family Adventure said...

Linda, already suggested the one about prepping the night before. That lasted all of one day. I guess it could work if I did it for him, but as I am trying out the "independence" thing, that would defeat the purpose. Still, not sure how well "independence" is working for me - like I said, I still have to guide him every step of the way.
Karen - your sister and SIL are very lucky to have Giselle as a niece. We know those girls will be well dressed :)
Cyn - Thanks! I am checking your adventure right now!.
Morag - Some things will probly never change. Like B boy's ability to dress himself. I am already feeling sorry for his future wife, and I am collecting evidence to show her that I tried hard. I really did. :)

Angela said...

What a great adventure you are having. I feel with you in regards to the 'certain' t-shirts that kids just can't live without. Azalea would (thankfully) put her shirt in the hamper the night before BUT then goes to the dryer in the morning expecting the shirts. Seriously, nothing in the closet is good OR is there a point to having a closet.

Family Adventure said...

Hey Angela!

Thanks for checking in! Hope you've survived the first week of school and that the girls are doing well!