25 Sep 2007

No Pulitzer Prize In Our Future

"What do you do if you see a kid standing all alone in the schoolyard?"

I asked, wanting to test my boys' social acuity.

"Well," said Christopher, "if he looks like he is lonely and has no one to talk to, I'd walk over and introduce myself and ask if he wants to play."

Music to a mother's ears.

That didn't do it for Benjamin. He needed another scenario:

"If he is sitting on a rock all by himself, and he is writing something, I'll go over and ask if he wants to play."

Can you tell that Benjamin has issues with writing?


morag said...

Of course, anybody who is writing something obviously wants to be interputed and it is an open invitation, almost an unwritten code in grade 2, for anybody to save them and ask them to play. I think even a certain boy is grade 5 thinks that code should still apply. He sure does look lonely when he's made to write.

Family Adventure said...

I know...but writing on a rock! I love it. I knew you'd understand. And A, too, for that matter :)

morag said...

I guess when B-boy has to sit on a chair to write it's the same as being on a rock. I get it. Chair, rock... the same thing.

gmcountrymama said...

Your boys sound very sweet and funny. I am sure my daughter (9)would be totally oblivious to anyone sitting by themself. As long as she has someone to play with, what's the problem? Hopefully she will aquire more empathy one day. My son (4) wants to play with everyone.

Karen MEG said...

Awww, Christopher is such a sweetie! I can totally see him doing that! Benjamin - he's so funny! I'm sure in reality he'd still try to get the boy to play with him, rock, paper (& perhaps scissors?) notwithstanding!

Kellan Rhodes said...

This was so cute - and so comforting that your son would be considerate of others. You must be a good mom! Thanks for visiting my blog - come back soon (I will).

Victoria said...

So cute! My daughter (4) would run over and make fast friends with a lonely child on the playground. My son (7) would go sit near to them, but not actually speak. He rather likes lonely. =)