23 Sep 2007

The Worst Case Scenario

As I've mentioned before, we are spending the school year in Norway, half way around the world from where we usually live in Canada. Since we are returning to Canada in the spring, we did not sell our house and bring all of our belongings, but simply brought what we needed for the next 10 months, and left everything else behind.

Now...if I were of the pessimistic kind, I might start thinking about "what ifs" and "worst case scenarios". You know, worry about what bad things could possibly happen to our house in Canada while we're gone.

And if I were that type of person, something like this might come to mind:

...which is a shot taken today of the attractive popcorn ceiling in the dining room in our house in Canada. Take special note of the small water stain. That's new.

But what about this:

That's a shot of our downstairs guest bedroom. Notice the ceiling again - a slightly larger stain this time. I might also draw your attention to the drywall that looks like it's coming undone down the wall.

I think we are getting closer to a "bad scenario".

Which means I don't know what category to place this one in:

A fabulous shot of a cabinet door in our kitchen, adjacent to our dining room and above our downstairs guestroom. Apparently, this cabinet is coming apart completely.

Some of you have probably figured it out already, but for those of us with less insight into building-related matters, the answer to the million dollar question is...a leak! Apparently, a pipe burst in the boys' bathroom directly above the kitchen/dining room, and now we have major water damage in three rooms. And that's only what we can see. Who knows what things look like behind the walls.

Those 5000 km separating Norway and Canada feel pretty darn long today. Fortunately for us, we have friends staying in our house, who undoubtedly saved us from more extensive damage.

Even luckier for us, our good friend Keith was able to come over on extremely short notice to take a look at the situation and provide a short-term fix until we can get a plumber in there.

So here I am...in Norway...BUMMED in a major way...


Nominee for Hero of the Day: Keith.
Nominee for Acteur of the Day: Cyril for doing a great pointing job in the pictorial evidence.


gmcountrymama said...

OH NO! Thank goodness you have friends staying in your house in Canada. I hope it won't turn out to be the worst scenario. Good luck. Oh, by the way, my name is Heidi also.

morag said...

Oh No!!! I can't believe it. Once the leak is fixed, nothing that fresh paint and dry wall can't fix =).... A new kitchen can only be a good thing. Also, a
good thing the house isn't empty of people, a good thing Keith is near by.

Hae Yung said...

I guess things could have been worse. Good thing was that you had friends who was staying at your house, noticed something was wrong and another friend who came by to check it out ASAP, before it got worse. I guess you can be thankful that you have lots of good friends...see the brighter side of all this.

Victoria said...

See, if I were traveling in Norway, I would have thought "Thank goodness I'm not in Canada to deal with all that mess!" LOL!

So lucky to have friends to keep an eye on the house and pitch in to help out. Good luck with it all!

Karen MEG said...

Murphy's law, Heidi. It's the age of the houses, things are just starting to fall apart, sort of like being in my 40's, but I digress ...
Thank goodness it was noticed so quickly and you've got people right on it!
Hey, if you need a new kitchen, I know who you can call... :)

ALM said...

You're very brave, leaving all your stuff - but it seems like it's well under control AND you'll get the new kitchen to boot! Pretty much win/win!

Family Adventure said...

Thanks, everyone! I've been wanting a new kitchen for a while. This seems like the perfect excuse to go ahead with it. Now if I could only figure out how to get it done and ready BEFORE we return to Canada. But alas, I think the minute details and day-to-day "watching over the contractor" requires my presence. So we'll be tackling that upon our return. Hey, I sense a blog post or two right there... !!

Who She She said...

Oh, god, I hate water. We had a leaky roof a couple of years ago (we found out during a torrential downpour), and it was so stressful. Luckily you have such heroic friends!

SoccerMomofTwo said...

goodness I can not imagine that while I wasn't there. glad you have friends to take care of it.

Cyn said...

Oh man - we had a pipe burst in the attic about a year ago but fortunately we were home that weekend AND DH woke up early and stepped in a puddle of water in our bathroom. If it had been in the boys' bathroom, we would've just figured they had flooded it during their baths the night before and gone back to sleep. Dealing with plumbers and drywall people, etc. - well, not a fun thing, but a necessary thing.

Thank goodness you had people staying in your house who are able to take care of things for you. And just think - you get a new kitchen when you return. Thank goodness for insurance, huh?!

Gina said...

So glad that you had someone there to find the damage!

And yes, whoo hoo for new kitchens! I am actually sort of jealous.