28 Aug 2007

My Favourite Things To Do

10. Having dim sum at Ambassador Restaurant in Richmond Hill
- fabulous food, good friends, lots of laughs.

9. In the hammock in my backyard on a hot summer day
- the sun's rays playing with the leaves on the maple trees. Bees buzzing (but staying away), birds chirping. Kids playing nicely in the pool. Ah, summer in Canada.

8. On the front step of our house here in Norway after a nice, long run

- sitting with my bottle of water, enjoying the quiet of the morning after the kids have gone off to school.

7. Blogging on my computer
- believe it or not, but it is fun to just make things up, like this post, and let the mind wander.

6. On the couch with a good book, a glass of wine and some cheese
- no kids interrupting the tranquility (sorry boys).

5. Sitting around the kitchen table - any kitchen table - with a close girlfriend and a pot of steaming hot tea
- minor problems and major global crises have been solved over a good cup of tea and a few biscuits. World leaders should take note!

4. On the trampoline with the boys, who are laughing at me because I cannot do any of their fancy tricks
- love the sound of their laughter (as long as I am not on the couch with a good book and a glass of wine).

3. Having family over for casual, last minute dinners
- I have not been able to do this for so many years, so this is a real thrill for me! The only drawback is the need to cook the actual meal. If only Norway would embrace take-out food a bit more, I could do this every night.

2. Planning the next great adventure with my husband
- poring over maps, guide books and various Internet sites, figuring out new places to go, either here, or out of country. Sometimes our plans are small and manageable, such as a weekend visit to Sweden. Other times we dream big, like doing the marathon on the Great Wall of China.

1. Getting a chance to sit back and really appreciate all the good things in life
- you know those moments when you have to pinch yourself because you suddenly see clearly how very lucky you are? Family and friends are all happy and healthy. Life is good!



PS: Now tell me yours...


Karen MEG said...

That's great Heidi! All very wonderful past times.
I'll be sure to tag you with great loads of "memes" as they come my way. I'll have to ponder a bit and put together my own... hmmmm.

Hae Yung said...

Heidi you are making us think here. Right off my head I will say... 1. Watching both of my kids playing well together, enjoying each others company. 2. Going away with family and friends to see new and interesting places. 3. Hanging out with my friends, it may be just sitting by the pool or having tea in the kitchen or chatting in a car, it's all good. 4. Spending time with my family. Seeing my nieces and nephews growing up and becoming interesting adults. 5. Whenever we have our get togethers which turns out to be all afternoon then dinner and then going home at midnight. I love spontaneous parties 6. Dancing with the girls. 7. Going out for meals, it maybe dim sum, Thai, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Greek, Italian, ....I love it all. Especially with great friends and family. 8. Going shopping and getting a great buy. I have to get a deal to enjoy. 9. Love good books, movies, music, theatre, concert. 10. Laughing. I have to say my life it pretty great because I get to do all this and more. I have great friends and family and I feel I am extremely lucky.

morag said...

Heidi and Hae Yung, it's nice that you both take the time to sit back and appricate all the good things in life. I've been reflecting over the last few days about a list and realized I'm not that deep. If I combined both your list you'd probably have mine, except there be a bit more about food, swimming, and that I enjoy reading the blog. Thanks for this one Heidi, it good to be reminded that we should take the time to appreciate all the wonderful people in our lives and how lucky we are. I'll give all of them an extra hug and kiss today. I look forward to the next blog.