23 Aug 2007


Try picturing this: A handful of single-story, brown wooden buildings with brightly coloured doors scattered around a playground in a clearing, and surrounded by large, mature trees in a small forest. An obstacle course with huge logs used as balance beams, ropes and wooden ladders off to one side of the buildings. On the other, in another small clearing, a soccer pitch has been marked out with gravel.

Can you see it with your inner eye? Leaves fluttering gently in the summer breeze...the sun's rays peeking through the tree tops. Serenity reigns - until the bell rings.

Out run 450 students with excess energy to burn off for the next 15 minutes. They attack the slides on the wooden playground with gusto. Launch an assault on the climbing frames erected around the slides, and jump on the balance beams with an agility indicating that this is not the first time. Down in the smaller clearing, the older boys have taken their shirts off on the warm day, and are continuing the soccer game from yesterday's recess.

The screams of joy, occasionally a shout of pain. Young voices everywhere.

Then the bell rings again. Children rushing this way and that way as their classroom doors open, and they are swallowed up by the little brown buildings. Peace and tranquility fall yet again over Hallermoen elementary school. You can almost hear a collective sigh of relief from the trees that yet another recess is over.

I cannot conceive of anything more idyllic than this setting for a school.


morag said...

The school looks so peaceful and quiet. It almost doesn't look like a school. I'm sure that's only the way if appears on the outside. Maybe you should take a look inside after recess while the trees are sighing and tell us what the teachers are thinking....

Helen said...

Hello Heidi

I love the title of your blog. It is so carpe diem. It must be a wonderful opportunity for your children to experience life outside bayview hill.

I will be an avid fan of your blog as I look forward to vicariously living life in Norway.

Hae Yung said...

I just told Helen about your blog and sent her all the info yesterday. Obviously Helen is now a fan. I have seen the school so I can picture it very clearly. Problem with you describing everything so well is that now people don't feel the need to visit since they feel like they have experienced Norway through this blog.

Family Adventure said...

Morag: I am sure the teachers are wishing that the recesses lasted a little longer. Don't they all?
Helen: Great to hear from you! Keep in touch.
HY: As you can testify, my description does not do it justice. So there is still plenty of reason to visit. When are you coming back?

Karen MEG said...

Liam saw the picture and thinks that school is "awesome"! Looks more tranquil than the pandemonium which will likely be the first day of school back here. I'm already afraid!

linda-sands.com said...

your words paint the picture better than the photograph. I can smell prepubescent boys.