24 Aug 2007

Status Report - Week 1

Christopher came home from school with a friend today. Oh happy days! I can't remember ever being so happy to hear that a friend of the boys was coming over. So far, Christopher has handled this transition with amazing ease. He does all his homework in Norwegian and has made several friends already. And he almost only speaks to me in Norwegian! Wow!

Benjamin is still working on making close friends, but he is happy to go to school (he has rated the school a 9 out of 10), and plays with most kids, even if he does not actually speak with them. It is amazing how kids find a way to talk without a common language. And let's not forget that he has a birthday party to go to tonight.

We always knew the jump to a Norwegian school would be a little harder for B boy. Speaking almost no Norwegian, he does not have the linguistic foundation Christopher has. He is also not as socially aware as Christopher, and can be quite shy. Unlike his big brother who does not understand the meaning of that word.

Still, all in all, I have to say that this has been a great week. One of our hopes for this trip is that the boys get a good grip on the Norwegian language, and I have to say that at this rate, we will have reached our objective well before Christmas.


Hae Yung said...

If you reach your goal early, does that mean that you can come back earlier? Just asking. Anyway, Benjamin will find ways to communicate and if anything, all the other kids in his class will learn english. I think Benjamin is very social, he's not that shy. I am sure that he'll be fluent in Norwegian by Christmas. Keep us posted.

Family Adventure said...

He, he...no, I do not think so. My mother is already freaking out that a month has passed by