22 Aug 2007

One more...and this one is for Morag!

I am not sure where I am going with this one...help me out?


morag said...

Well that's a difficult one. Since I'm 1/2 German and not competitive, I would think that all members of a vechile would pass gas whenever they hit a bump and that appropriate evasive action should be taken to avoid dumps at all cost to mentain any harmony. All dumps should be avoided at least a 24 hr. period of eating a Fatland steak or else if you are female, you'll be spilled. Males will have to go to the Bad bathroom.

Family Adventure said...

Morag: You should look into interpretation as a career. You are truly skilled. Of course, everything you said here is correct. That is exactly what these signs mean in Norwegian. Is it your German blood that gives you such in-depth understanding of Norwegian?